1. Test Marketing Stage——Japanese Crowdfunding

(1) Japanese market is new to you. You should try a test marketing in Japanese market. We will launch a Japanese crowdfunding project on behalf of you.

(2) You can measure the demand for your product in Japanese market though the Japanese crowdfunding project.

(3) You can establish your brand in Japanese market when the crowdfunding is successful.

(4) We may try another Japanese crowdfunding to further establish your brand when the first project is successful.

Global business

2. Distributing Stage

(1) We will develop your Japanese market by finding a route to Japanese retailers and wholesalers.

(2) We will distribute your products via retailers and wholesalers in Japanese market by offline.

(3) We will also distribute your products via online stores via, Rakuten and other EC site.

(4) We will join an event to further find a new route to distribute your products.